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Shore Power Solutions for a cleaner planet


Since 2005, the team at Watts Marine (formerly Cochran Marine) has been delivering the company's patented shore power solutions to the shipping industry worldwide to eliminate millions of tons of air pollutants each year. Cruise lines and ports recognize the Watts Marine platform as the best automated shore power solution available based on unparalleled design and superior ongoing support.

The industry leader with deep expertise.

We have 19 years of experience  with 10 successful installations for some of the world's leading cruise lines in 7 different ports - more than any other provider.

End-to-end solution for shore power.

Our easy-to-operate single-source solution covers every step of the shore power process, from the fine points of regulatory advising through design and build, heavy equipment installation and system operation and maintenance.

A trusted advisor to the cruise industry.

Watts Marine serves as A knowledge-leader for concept development and as a sounding board for Port Commissioners and staff who are contemplating shore power systems

Our platform

A unique system design for safer, more efficient, and reliable operation.

When a cruise ship or ocean transport vessel equipped to receive shore power docks in port, Watts Marine’s automation system determines the proper operating parameters. Our shore-side operator uses our control and monitoring system to select the ship to be connected, and the Watts Marine Shore Power system does the rest.

Daily connection reports show KWH (kilowatt hours) of energy consumed as well as connection start and stop times for each vessel.


Mobile Cable Positioning Device

Connecting shore power systems to cruise vessels of various sizes 


Watts Marine’s new Mobile Cable Positioning Device (CPD) can be strategically positioned where the ship is docked and can then be moved to support another ship, say, 60 feet away - something that is not possible with a fixed device.


Our solution provides a simple, safe and effective way to transfer cables and lift them to position within a small footprint to minimize interference with ship-side operations.

Why invest in shore power

Reduce diesel emissions from ships at dock

When a vessel is connected to shore power, overall pollutant emissions can be reduced by up to 98% when utilizing power from the regional electricity grid.

Benefits for ship owners and ports

 Connecting on a land-based power source reduces ship owners’ fuel costs by eliminating the need to run diesel auxiliary engines which also increases the competitiveness of ports.

Get ahead of industry regulations

Owners and operators around the world are increasingly challenged to meet ever stricter emissions standards. Investing in a shore power system speeds up compliance.


News from Watts Marine

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