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Our single-source solution covers every step of the shore power process, from the fine points of regulatory advising through design and build, heavy equipment installation and system operation and maintenance.


We work with ports and to cruise and freight lines at the start of the process on feasibility analyses, emissions reductions estimates, funding availability reports, negotiations with stakeholders and more.

Manufacture & Testing

We build our line-ups to your specifications, utilizing strong sub-frames that minimize the number of shipping splits and reduce installation times. IEM Marine carries out comprehensive factory testing before the system is shipped.


We manage the connection process. Once the ship is docked, we quickly connect the shore power cables, either via a specially retrofitted container on deck or directly to the ship’s power systems, so that the auxiliary diesels can be taken offline.

Specifying & Permitting

We coordinate with utilities and develop specifications based on our own standard proprietary designs, cutting engineering costs to a minimum.

Delivery & Installation

While the site is readied, the system is shipped to the port in just a few pre-assembled sections, so it can be installed, commissioned and functioning in days instead of weeks.


Our custom software allows the specialists in our dedicated control center in Seattle to oversee every connection. An engineer will configure power for an incoming ship and provide real-time troubleshooting during the connection process. The system reports a range of metrics, including timing of each stay, energy consumed and emissions reductions across all main pollutants.

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