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Mobile Cable Positioning Device

Connecting shore power systems to cruise vessels of various sizes and types can be challenging.  Critical tasks include cable safety and storage, working within dockside space limitations and, most importantly, connecting to varying targets, depending on ships and berthing locations.


Watts Marine’s new Mobile Cable Positioning Device (CPD) has been developed to provide a cost-effective solution.  We offer a simple, safe and effective way to transfer cables and lift them to position within a small footprint to minimize interference with ship-side operations.  The first unit has already been delivered for use at the Port of San Diego, California.



Our CPD is a mobile device that can be strategically positioned where the ship is docked and can then be moved to support another ship, say, 60 feet away - something that is not possible with a fixed device. The unit is designed to allow the operator to strategically position the Mobile CPD, then plug into shore power cables on the back side while extending the cables from the end of the boom. The vessel’s crew can then reach out, pull the power cables in, and plug them into their connection box.

Once the connection has been made using the mobile CPD or a fixed system, the Watts Marine shore-side operator then selects the ship to be connected from the database in the automation system, which determines the proper operating parameters. Protection relays and redundant safety systems ensure the safety of the ship and shore electrical systems.

Watts Marine’s custom software also allows the specialists in its dedicated control center in Seattle to oversee every connection. All the ship’s systems then run on shore electricity instead of its diesel engines, virtually eliminating fuel emissions while in port.


  • The unit is emission-free - powered by electricity.

  • Ships with different shore power configurations can easily be supported.

  • The cabling system can be positioned to match each ship - wherever the docking ship’s show power system is located

  • The system can be completely removed from the berth when not needed.

  • The system can support multiple sites, and  can be easily serviced by qualified companies.

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